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ヴァン Van

[食求王]ヴァン [Food Seeker] Van
I am dog! My name is Van! Nice to meet you! I'm aiming for the chef of the best restaurant in the world. I have heard a very good restaurant called the Rainbow Dining Room, and so I have come here, but it was just closed during. But, I don't think about that! I'll make meal for you! And...huh, your face is like a bird.

That's easy!

Thanks for meal!

Are you ready to order?

[食探王]ヴァン [Food Seeker] Van
I am dog! ...I gotta say, grandma, I didn't think one old woman would be running the "best restaurant in the world." ...Woah, be careful with that! You could hurt yourself. Let me just get that, and... Who're you, lady?! And where's that old woman?!

Coming right up!

Sorry about that!

First's on me!