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ダリア Dahlia

[暗闇王]ダリア [Darkness Queen] Dahlia
Dahlia was brought up in the darknessSo nothing had been seen since her eyes. She was done blind from born time. Dahlia never thought about it. Because she hear sound–has a good nose–able speak and feel the pain. She who doesn't know sight from born time, she has be usually to lives—until that time. Dahlia's Evil Eye are until opened.

I seen flower of darkness...

Light is scary...

Darkness is my friend...

[邪眼王]ダリア [Evil Eye Queen] Dahlia
Dahlia was running desperately. The light she has got finally is going to be taken away again. Dahlia sees a multicolored flower through Evil Eye. She cuts that off. That life comes to end soon. She didn't know. She thought that was to say "seen." She got out of breath, Dahlia stops walking. When looking back, the flowers with the vivid color which became strikes in then were in full bloom.

I cut off a flower...

I reap entire away...

I taken back that darkness...