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エリクス Erics

[光谷王]エリクス [Head of Light Valley] Erics

The Light Valley where the dragons once lived under the threat of a dragon lived, and its chief Erics succeeded in reviving it with a congenital talent and a dragon vein built by his late brother. Also, his wisdom and warfare, which saved dragon tribe's crisis from the two disasters, were sufficient results to be evaluated by other heads of valley. In this way, he achieved the election to the Six Valleys Parliament that his father and his brother couldn't even make, and he pushes forward to realize his ambition.


Offensive wind.


All because of my ambition.


Force of dragon vein.


No need for acquaintance.


[龍脈王]エリクス  [Ruler of Dragon Vein] Erics

Six Valleys Parliament, which was renamed Five Valleys Parliament held for the first time in eighteen years, has a fire Vera, fog Kaya, abyss Owl, rainbow Thoa, and a light Erics. Five people sat at the round table and one was still vacant. Of course, it's very convenient for Erics. Eventually, that Thoa talks about opens the door. The sixth person, the head water, D Herwing Luca appeared beyond the line of sight that Erics had distorted.


Wind, squeal stop.


Shoot dead, my arrow.


Disaster of dragon to here.