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アイリーン Aileen

[腐食王]アイリーン [Corpse Fighter] Aileen
第八研究室副室長 オリヴァー・オールコット
Aileen's a cyborg dragon killer made from dragon parts! With surgery and makeup, we've fixed the grimace she died with, and she will bring a smile to any battlefield! I'll even throw in a sweet voice that can lure dragons, and an angry shriek that knocks them out! Requesting permission to test Aileen and the other four in battle!
Oliver Alcott, Dep. Director of Lab No. 8

Takes trouble in life

Aww, picked my ■■

This stings my bones~

[腐蝕王]アイリーン [Zombie Fighter] Aileen
Aileen stays up all night! In fact, she does not sleep! At the end of the day, she cuts herself open along her stitches to check her bones! If any look damaged, she replaces them with those of nearby corpses! If she's beyond repair, she gets her friends to decapitate her and attach her head to a new body! When reactivating, remember to switch polarities! Now, begin the test!

Fortune comes to a merry

Your ■■, it's ■■

This stings my head~