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ロザリア Rosalia

[憐花王]ロザリア [Miserable Flower Queen] Rosalia
There is a girl in the center of the garden where flowers bloom. Her name is Rosalia.
The lonely girl who lives was a very weak body naturally, and she lived through the top floor of the tower on which sunlight is poured over glass in the ceiling.
When she being not circled in Flower of the Dragon Tree which blooms in a garden, her body is weakened in a moment.
But still she craved for the outside world.
One day, Rosalia sneaks out of a tower. The sunlight in some spring was the gentle afternoon.

I'm sorry I don't help you!

I'll give it everything I've got!

I'm good at only this!

[解花王]ロザリア [Floral Remedy Queen] Rosalia
When she felt a soft wind and woke up, the landscape of the familiar garden was there.
Rosalia who escaped from a tower, but breathing is disordered immediately, and the knee sticks to the ground.
During she semiconscious, the one knight who runs up to herself was to be visible to her eyes.
When she looked back to the back after remembered, the knight who looks at Flower of the Dragon Tree was there.
The knight who noticed Rosalia having woken up, he smile said himself name, namely Michael.

I'm sorry to trouble you!

I'll give it my all!

At least of my gratitude!