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モリィ Mory

[犯罪王]モリィ [Crime Schemer] Mory
Mory creates crimes. He creates evidence, the murder weapon, the culprit, and even the motivation. No one can prevent the tragedies that lie at the end of his scripts. The victim, the witnesses, the culprit, and the detective: all are actors are cursed to play their parts until the end. All except one: A certain detective living in the apartment at 771b. Baler Street.

So very enjoyable.

I'm gonna be crazy.

Today's crime is murder.

[叛罪王]モリィ [Crime Creator] Mory
The light of the roaring blaze illuminated the back of Mory, who stood smiling under an umbrella, and the detective who lay face down upon the ground. The building at 771b. Baler Street was burning away. Its windows were shattered, and the flowers in the flowerbed were wilting away. All the work of a single "actor." This was the start of the Case of the Dragon King Murder.

So very pleasant.

I'm gonna be mad.

Today's crime is fire calamity.