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アネモネ Anemone

[氷輪王]アネモネ [Eis Elegance] Anemone
Anemone was second in line to the throne of the Nifelheim family that protected the land's Eisglas—the physical and spiritual pillars of the continent. Those who received the blessing of the Eisglas could shape it in any way they wished, and Anemone was a better Eisglas shaper than her elder sister. Yet, she came too close to the truth about the Eisglas and wrecked her future.

Leave it to me!

Future is soon.

Eisglas, open the future.

[氷凛王]アネモネ [Eis Beautifier] Anemone
Her elder sister was perfect; her younger sister, problematic. Anemone was right in the middle, but she served her royal duties with a flair that won her the respect of her people. One day, she heard a rumor that her younger sister was seen going in and out of a workshop in town. Curiosity got the better of the usually high-minded Anemone, and she decided to investigate.

I help you!

Begin the future.

Eisglas, movement the future.