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カヤ Kaya

カヤ Kaya

Kaya is a girl of the dragon tribe called Water People. Originally, they are based in the place where the dragon vein sleeps, and except for the dragon people who live rooted in that area, they are traveling around the world to check and report on the trends of First Dragon as wandering people. And then, once every few decades, they return to their hometown of Water Valley and discuss future plans with the valley chief. It was an event when she returned home. There, Kaya meets a young man Maxwell who later becomes a source of trouble for her.



Ugh...I have a stomachache...


Believe in your intuition!


What happened to the equation?


l'm going on with you!


[水竜王]カヤ [Water Dragon] Kaya

Kaya had a bitter expression while being shaken by the dragon carriage rented in Perpetual Valley. Maxwell mutters a mathematical formula while looking down at the text. It has been more than ten years since he started his journey with the Water People including Kaya. The lands they visited are diverse and all are based on the solutions Maxwell has come up with. But, for Kaya, he was not good at arranging the reasoning, and she was always suffering from unidentified stomachache. And the disease will continue to worsen with the next Eisglas.


胃が……あ痛たた…… stomach...


Intuition is better than debate!


What happened to the optimal solution?


[浪竜王]カヤ [Wanderer of Dragon] Kaya

It's been hundreds of years since the stomachache disappeared before her. Times have changed, and the world which was as calm as water, has been transformed into a dazzling landscape. The Maxwell who whereabouts are unknown was led by one solution one day and left the Water People. But even now, the poor letter delivered by the little bird speaks to his safety. And every time Kaya sees the reasoning sentence, she feels a comfortable stomachache and continues her journey in search of a solution in the Eastern Country that stands now.



Ugh...I have a stomachache again...


The solution to lead is intuitive!


What happened to an observer?