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リィン Lynn

[守護王]リィン [Guard Lord] Lynn

Surely but steadily, he made his way to the king, cutting down arrows with one hand and slashing throats with the other. Lynn, the dark-haired attacker, had soon killed all fifty of the king's guard. He turned his gaze to the king, whose coronation was now ruined. He switched his blades from one hand to the other and approached the fool of a king who killed his sister.
You slay there.
For sister.
Forgive me.
[主護王]リィン [Protect Lord] Lynn
On the day of the coronation, Lynn exchanged a vow with the Fool King to protect his life. He slew dragons, humans, avatars, and even gods in the service of his lord, helping him extend his power. Since that day, the two had not exchanged a single word. And it would remain that way until the day he assassinated him.
Slay the king.
For brother.
Forgive me.