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エリザヴェラ Elizabella

[虚無王]エリザヴェラ [Nihility Queen] Elizabella
----reboot ******** system
b***** close *****r------ok
10 ****** a***ls------error
egg ********------ok

dividing [I]s soul------ok
----redo ********

[虚夢王]エリザヴェラ [Nihility Dream Queen] Elizabella
The white sunlight which from a windowpane shine her cheek. The residence which nestled on the edge of the Capital. There was Elizabella in a room of the top floor. The wind which blows suddenly swings her orange hair and rolls up a page of the tome on her knee. The 17 blanks: her memories of the nihility she forwarded a subsequent Great Disaster.

This is a...dream.

Everything is...nihility.

That is...disaster.