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英雄伝記ゼット The Legend Heroic Z

英訳 ロードラ ロード・トゥ・ドラゴン 英語 English ゲーム
[えいゆうおう]ぜっと [Demi-Heroic King] Z
You want to be a hero? Then here's what you need to do! Number One, you need to be honest about what you're not so good at, and try to do better! Number Two, you need to work your butt off! And Number Three, you need to be good to your friends!

Mission complete!

Be sure to win justice!

[しゅうかくおう]ぜっと [Demi-Crop King] Z
You want grow a good watermelon? Then here's what you need to do! Number One, see and speak partner's eye! A partner has a heart too! If you want to know it, facing without distracting the eye seriously! Number Two, don't be picky! And Number Three, praising everyone, those grows up quickly and healthily! If you keep thinning out, nothing blooms!

Crop complete!

Be sure to win watermelon!

[てつおう]えむ [Demi-Iron Queen] M
I am a code name M. I'm undercover investigator who visited from the country of the future. The mission that has been imposed on me: I sneak in a variety of ages, and I monitor the object that could influence on the world. If it leaves the various events, the future changes gradually. I have to intervene in the past and normalize the flow. That is "rescue the future".

Reach to the future.

This trigger is rescue the future.

[西瓜王]ウリボウ [King of Watermelon] Uribou
The king of watermelon who tries to dominate the world with watermelon to achieve an appointment for that day. Once upon a time, the boy who grew oneself up and gave own name, he is trying to fulfill boy dream died by the disease, he becomes incarnate, and keep walking. He comes time of harvest every year, it continues to deliver moderately ripe watermelon to poor children.

I am king of watermelon!

Huhahaha! It's sweet!!

Be flesh!

[せいぎのみかた]べったー [Demi-Justice] Vetter
You want to be a justice? Then here's what you need to do! Number One, no late, no absence, and no leave early! Hero must be a perfect attendance award! Number Two, don't show fatigue! You all are people tired, that's same! And Number Three, don't ask for something in return! You'll smart for your expected!

Appoint accepted!

Vetter, calling on!!

I've come quickly!