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ブレイヴ Brave

[幽者王]ブレイヴ [Brave King] Brave
The village had raised Brave like a son and now it burned at the hands of demons. Shirona and Kuroka, the closest thing he had to family, were in peril. Suddenly, the warrior in him was awakened—by a sword flying through the sky and into his chest.

Be attacked the brave power!
I shall defeat the archfiend!

[魔剣王]ブレイヴ [Evil Sword King] Brave
It was said that only the sword could defeat the archfiend, and now that it had lodged itself into Brave's flesh, the two moved as one. As Brave grew into a powerful warrior, the sword slowly took shape, awaiting the rebirth of the archfiend.

The sword is cut you!

I don't permit archfiend!

[大魔王]ブレイド [Archfiend] Blade
The archfiend had a dream of a warrior, forced to follow his fate on a path that he believes leads to a rainbow-colored future.
The warrior dreamed of an archfiend who with his sword killed everyone he loved for a gray future.

Ash scattered for whom

Rainbow-colored is future