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ホーネット Hornet

[放牢王]ホーネット [Habitual King] Hornet
Suddenly he got poured over with a bucketful of water, which made his bruises smart and slowly brought back to his brain the pain of kicks he had received in his stomach.
Slightly opening one of his swollen eyes, he found himself in his same cell―light scarce, bugs crawling, stench all around.
And then, looking through the iron bars, he saw a woman, her eyes ice-cold and all-piercing.
He staggered to his feet as he grabbed the bars, and impulsively spat at her―his own mother, a totally unmerciful woman―even though knowing inside that she was way out of reach.

My bruise opened

Welcome to a dump of waste

Die for me

[放浪王]ホーネット [Wandering King] Hornet
Hornet left a trail of destruction that included a destroyed base and Robo Dragon, and a dead army officer. His bounty grew by the day. But Hornet simply did this to bait and reel in the Empire he grew up in, as well as his own mother.

This guy's quite a big fish

My bruise smarts

I ain't missed ya