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シャム Siam

[食逃王]シャム [Bilking Queen] Siam
Siam looked over around, she was convinced that the plan is a certain victory.
From here, as it were, a bet or psychological war with own and opponent.
All sorts of preparations, on her toes.
It's reached that her percentages of victories are 100%.
A shop assistant steps up to the table where Siam's here, step by step as certain.
That moment, dance the air with a tablecloth at a dish, knife and fork.
Time moves slowly thousands of times, however her momentum doesn't stop.
The eaten, and without paying money, runs away with single devotion; her war started.

I getting hungry, I can't run away

It finished eating, run away!

It ran away is winner

[喰逃王]シャム [Bilking Queen] Siam
Lose her strength, and go down to her knees to the ground.
Light is lost from the pupil, they kept looking at sand and midair.
She cursed her bungle, there are no means she resist already.
The hallucination which invite to the another world attack her—the tone of the wheel, the sound which bakes a thing, the meat seen dimly________________
Siam felt to there looks up unconsciously.
In the middle of uninhabited desert, there was a stall.
Its a signboard of the Rainbow Stall it has caught her eyes.
Siam are use every last ounce of energy, big hunger inevitable desperately, now is the time in break it she bolted the new target.

I'll show as real bilking!

Eat, sleep, run away!

I'm going now